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Why Australian dollars are on the top

Updated by Shubham Malhotra on : March 07, 2019 11:42 IST


Australia is the first country to introduce and prints Ploymer banknotes. First polymer (plastic) banknote was introduced in Australia in 1988 and Australia is the first country to have complete series of polymer notes.

There is an another aspect which places Australian dollar ahead to other currencies, Australian Dollars are non identical i.eits length increases with increase in denomination as compare to American dollars which are identical in size irrespective of denomination.

Canadian dollars on the other hand also made from same polymer but it's complete series of 🏦 notes are identical in size, which let's Australian dollar sitll ahead in the game.

Polymer material also make these Australian 🏦 notes waterproof so we can take these notes in our pocket on the beach with no fear!